Best Pals Pet Shop in Drayton near Cosham is passionate about helping you to maintain a healthy, nutritional diet for your pets. We like to promote a delicious healthy, natural complete food. We would love you to try one of our foods that contains absolutely no preservatives, additives, flavourings, salt, added sugar, chemicals or unnatural ingredients of any kind. The best natural food should be dairy free with no wheat or wheat gluten and with no by-products or GM products.

How can we help you and your pet?

We stock a wide range of Healthy and Nutritional Foods for your animals.

We run a FREE ‘Weight Clinic’ – pop in regularly and have your dog weighed to monitor progress.

Our dedicated and experienced staff are always on hand to offer FREE advice and diet tips.

Burns Loyalty Card – This scheme is NOT available at the larger stores!

  • – Buy 7 bags of Burns Food and the 8th is FREE
  • – A massive saving of up to 55.00 pounds based on the large 15kg sack

– all 7 sacks purchased must be same size as the free one

Here are some of the reasons we are particularly keen on Healthy nutritional foods for your dog like

Natures Way Complete Dogfood
  • Nature's Way is a natural complete dogfood for dogs that encapsulates all that is good about dried complete dog food and eliminates all the unnecessary additives that are sometimes associated with them.
  • Nature's Way dogfood will provide your dog with a nutritionally balanced diet providing him/her with all the various nutrients - fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water they require to lead a full and healthy lifestyle throughout the various stages of their lives.
  • High meat content, wheat gluten free hypoallergenic naturally preserved complete recipes for working and sporting dogs made with three sources of Omega 3 & 6 Oils plus natural prebiotics and joint aid supplements for mobility.

We stock a range of different feeds tailored to your individual dogs needs from Natures Way. Find the perfect one for your dog. Free Samples available in our shop.

50% Chicken Recipe - especially suited to dogs with sensitive digestion

Mature & Light - especially suited to dogs with poor joint condition

50% Lamb Recipe - formula for improved skin and coat condition

Puppy & Small Dog - 60% Chicken for optimum nutrition. Hypoallergenic, wheat & gluten free

50% Chicken Recipe - especially suited to dogs with sensitive digestion

Some Facts about healthy eating for your pet !

Dogs especially can become overweight and unhealthy with the wrong diet and poor exercise routine. We have a range of different Nutritional Feeds on offer , for example Natures Way, Burns, Barking Heads, and Nature Diet  to name but a few.

Lamb and Chicken is an excellent source of protein and dogs love meat so it’s the obvious combination to a successful diet. Protein is a nutrient made up of amino acids that are the building blocks for tissue, muscle, hair and nail growth. These are necessary in your dog’s diet, since dogs, unlike humans, cannot synthesize all the amino acids they need and therefore must obtain them from food

Dogs who suffer from allergies can possibly be helped by a sticking to cereal & grain free diet - we have some excellent dog foods that are both cereal & grain free, with 100% natural fish and potato ingredients.

  • Best Pals Pet Shop is one of only a few stockists of ‘Natures Way’ dog foods in Hampshire.
  • We stock excellent nutritional and natural cat food from ‘Barking Heads’ and ‘Burns’.

Great shop with a good selection of food and treats and good advice from  friendly staff. The groomers were also lovely and great with my nervous dog who looked great after her groom! Definitely be going back for treats and a groom!
Nicola Cage

Molly loves it here. The place is lovely and Steve and the team are great 5*. Plenty of parking easy to get to and a really nice pet shop for a few treats after for your furry friend.
Louise Dean

Extremely friendly service. They've been grooming our Newfie for 10years, so good our new TM will be going there.
Myles Boyd

Steve clips my dog regularly here , but I have noticed this time wasn't as good a few long hairs left , my dog did need a good clipping, but did realised I have noticed a bit was left lil chunk of fur , my dog I would imagine can be anxious
Mark Le-poidevin

Great team my hound loves it there
Claire Stewart

I have to say I'm impressed. We leave them a difficult customer in every way, he enjoys life to the full between visits, and we wouldn't get him clipped if his coat didn't need it. He's a mess when he arrives and is not their most compliant
Barefoot Hippy

My dog is very nervous of clippers and we had a terrible time at another well known groomers. Here at Cosham Dog Grooming, Steve is excellent and swiftly gets him clipped calmly, with no problem - Caroline also does a sterling job
Yvette Allen

Really nice, the dog loves it.
Michael Coulter

They are brilliant at there job take very good care of the animals
Vicki Davis

Very Friendly
Stacy Eastman

Very good my dog has been go there for 5 years now and very friendly people
Carleen Jones

Thank you as always... Bloody brilliant!
Lynne Edin